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'You want gold iPhone? I get you gold iPhone,' says Conan's Raffi

A bit from Conan O'Brien's late-night talk show promises you a deal on a gold iPhone despite protests from a fictional Apple executive.

Raffi promises you a deal on a gold iPhone through a somewhat convoluted URL.
Raffi promises you a deal on a gold iPhone through a somewhat convoluted URL.
Conan/YouTube/screenshot by CNET

Can't find the golden iPhone? Don't worry. Raffi can get you a deal, at least if you're willing to go along with a sketch aired Wednesday night on Conan O'Brien's late-night talk show.

Fans of Coco first met iPhone salesman Raffi Jaharian a couple of weeks ago after Apple launched its two new iPhones. Sporting gold chains and gold rings and touting gold as "best, best, best," Raffi claimed that he was the man behind the gold iPhone.

In the latest sketch, Raffi is back and is now offering deals to iPhone customers eager to buy the hot-selling golden version. While a (faux) Apple exec says that more gold iPhones will be available in a few weeks, Raffi promises to deliver in a few days.

"You want iPhone gold? I get you iPhone gold," Raffi says. "Gold is best. iPhone gold faster, bigger, louder, quieter, smaller, sexier, wetter, taller. It's just best."

Another phony Apple exec advises people to just place their iPhone orders at a local Apple store and the phone will be shipped as soon as it's available. But Raffi has a different deal up his sleeve.

"Raffi got you. Here's what you do," says Raffi. "Go to your local Apple store. Not in front, but in back. Don't talk to Geniuses. Talk to one of my nephews. They all wear gold tanktops and gold sneakers. On eBay, they charge you triple. But for you, you only pay double."

And to counter the suggestion that customers go to Apple's online site to get an iPhone, Raffi has a slightly different Web site in mind -- ww.GiveMeGoldiPhoneNow/okIGotYou/ThanksRaffiYouTheMan_YouGotItMan\GoldIsBest.Yes#.