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You can now tell Alexa to play podcasts on Spotify and Apple's app

Pause a podcast on your phone, then pick it up on your Echo speaker.

Even more ways to binge your favorite podcasts. 
Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Playing podcasts on your smart speaker got a bit easier on Friday. Apple Podcasts and Spotify podcasts, for both free and premium users, are now available on Amazon Echo speakers and other Alexa-enabled devices. 

Playing podcasts via either service works pretty much the same way. You'll be able to use voice commands like "Alexa, play The Joe Budden Podcast on Spotify," or "Alexa, play The Daily from yesterday on Apple Podcasts." You can also tell Alexa to do things like fast forward or play the next episode via both apps. 

Plus, if you pause a podcast in either the Apple Podcasts or Spotify apps on your phone, you can then tell Alexa to resume playing it on your smart speaker. If you want, you can set either Apple Podcasts or Spotify as your preferred podcast provider in the Alexa app. Go to Settings -> Music & Podcasts -> Default Services, then select one of the apps you have lined to Alexa.

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