Year of the Y2K lawsuit

As negotiations continue on legislation that looks to limit lawsuits arising from the Year 2000 technology problem, the number of Y2K lawsuits filed and settled continues to grow.

CNET News staff

The number of Y2K lawsuits filed and settled continues to grow, the White House says the gas and oil industries still have work to do, and consumers are warned to prepare for glitches at home.

"It doesn't matter if your home computer or VCR works or doesn't work if you don't have any power."

-Larry Shafer, founder of Y2K Base


Suits grow as Congress weighs liability
As negotiations on the Y2K liability bill continue, the number of lawsuits filed and settled continues to grow.

Oil, gas industries still need work on Y2K
With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the White House Y2K czar says work remains to be done within the oil and gas industries to meet set target dates for Year 2000 readiness.

Bringing home Y2K preparations
Although most experts expect the Y2K problem to have a small impact on the home, the federal government and consumer groups want people to prepare for some home-based dilemmas.

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