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Yahoo to partner with ConsumerReview

The two companies will announce later this week that they are teaming to provide product reviews for the online portal's shopping section.

Yahoo plans to announce later this week that it has teamed with to offer product reviews in its shopping area.

Through ConsumerReview, Yahoo currently offers opinions on golf equipment and outdoor gear such as sleeping bags and tents. Within the next two months, Yahoo will add ConsumerReview's content to its electronics and other shopping areas, ConsumerReview chief executive Max Mancini told CNET today.

Shopping portals such as Yahoo have to appeal to a wide range of customers, from those who want the lowest price to those who want product information, said Gartner Group e-commerce analyst Adam Sarner.

"This is another step in getting all those questions answered online," Sarner said.

With the boom in e-commerce, many companies have attempted to cash in by serving as intermediaries between consumers and e-tailers, providing comparison shopping guides and product reviews. Yahoo's move to add ConsumerReview's content to its site comes two weeks after relaunched its site, emphasizing its shopping guide.

"There's a huge demand from consumers for product information," Mancini said. "The bar has been raised on expectations."

Yahoo representatives declined to comment on the upcoming announcement.

ConsumerReview has created some 17 different sites from to where enthusiasts of different activities can get news and information and review products. Product reviews found on the company's sites are more valuable than those found on sites such as because they are written by enthusiasts, Mancini said.

These amateur experts provide detailed reviews--without the expense of hiring an editorial staff. ConsumerReview has marketed its enthusiast-written reviews to e-commerce stores and portals. The opinions offer portals a quick way to offer shopping advice without having to develop the content on their own.

Last year, AltaVista added ConsumerReview's content to its shopping area.

Yahoo currently offers product reviews written by Yahoo users for many products in its shopping area. Opinions from ConsumerReview will supplement, not replace, that content.