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Yahoo snaps up 'virtual venue' startup Evntlive

Apparently, acquiring just one online-video startup this week wasn't enough for Yahoo. The tech giant welcomes the folks at Evntlive, an online platform for live and on-demand concerts, to its video team.

Justin Sullivan/Getty
Yahoo is stocking its online-video war chest. On Friday, the concert-streaming startup Evntlive announced on its blog that it has been acquired by the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based tech giant.

The startup will shut down its service to join Yahoo's video team. Evntlive, which launched in April 2013, aimed to "change the way that fans engage with live music online by creating an interactive, virtual venue," according to the site's blog post.

Evntlive was co-founded by former Cisco CTO Judy Estrin, according to GigaOm, which first reported the news, and offered features like multiple viewing angles and live chats during concert streams.

Yahoo confirmed the acquisition to CNET: "The team has found a way to truly make an experience out of live-streaming and we're excited to welcome them to Yahoo. We see a lot of potential for how we can expand upon our shared vision for an entertaining content consumption experience."

This is the second announced acquisition in a row for Yahoo that has been in the realm of online video. Earlier this week, it was announced that Yahoo had acquired Ptch, a mobile-video startup that was incubated by DreamWorks.

Update, 2:59 p.m. PT: Adds statement from Yahoo.