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Xbox 360 Kinect said to add Internet Explorer browsing

Rumor has it users may soon be able to surf the Web on Microsoft's gaming console and do so with voice and gesture commands.

Microsoft may be looking to integrate Internet Explorer 9 into Xbox 360 consoles sometime in the near future, according to The Verge. Redmond is also said to be testing the use of Kinect voice and motion control to help users browse the Web.

This move would bring Microsoft closer to integrating more of its products into the same ecosystem. Right now, Xbox 360 has Bing video search and Kinect voice recognition. Although some users are pleased about not having to type in TV show and movie names, the feature has gotten mixed reviews from consumers who say they have to speak loudly and use very specific commands.

If the Xbox 360 were to get the Internet Explorer browser, users would be able to search the entire Web straight from their gaming consoles. The Verge reports that the Kinect feature will be an option, rather than mandatory.

So far, Microsoft has not publicly said anything about the new feature or mentioned any type of launch date. But The Verge speculates that there may be an announcement soon, especially with the E3 gaming show coming up.

When CNET contacted Microsoft for comment, a spokesperson said, Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation.