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Write your own ticket to PC Forum Contest

Let us know what tech innovations are on your mind, and we might send you to PC Forum 2005.

Write your own ticket to PC Forum Contest
PC Forum 2005

The next PC (Platforms for Communication) Forum will take place from March 20 to 22, 2005, at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Join us in exploring this year's theme: "The World Wide World: IT ain't just the Web anymore!"

Don't hesitate to register for the event; the winner's fees will be refunded if he or she is already registered.

Contest calendar
January 20 to February 7, 2005:
Entries submitted

February 16, 2005:
Finalists posted

February 23, 2005:
Winners posted

March 20 to 22, 2005:
PC Forum 2005

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Write your own ticket to PC Forum 2005

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The question

IT industry analysts (such as Esther Dyson, editor of Release 1.0 and host of PC Forum), venture capitalists and other so-called tech gurus regularly are asked to identify exciting new technologies and trends that will affect businesses. But they don't have all the answers.

What IT innovation have the experts underplayed...or even completely missed?

Congratulations to Peter Glaskowsky of California for his winning entry:

The next five years will see major innovations in standard high-volume computing platforms such as virtualization, partitioning, and the universal deployment of multiprocessor configurations. All of these advances represent significant improvements, but none will be as pervasive and dramatic as the introduction of hardware-based security and reliability technology. Microsoft has delayed the debut of its Next-Generation Secure Computing Base technology, but this merely reflects the magnitude of the effort involved in the initiative. By the end of the decade, NGSCB will completely change the way we think about PC hardware and software. It will be literally impossible for unauthorized software to infect PC operating systems or applications. Even legitimate configuration changes will be strictly controlled-- and some changes will even be beyond the authority of the system's users and administrators. The same technology will support unbreakable digital rights management, effective piracy prevention, and-- depending on how it's used-- allow improved personal privacy or undetectable remote monitoring. Hardware will keep these controls from being bypassed under most circumstances, forcing users and IT staff to come to grips with these new limits on their customary freedoms. This new technology will shake up the computer industry far more than anyone suspects today.

PC Forum has been the premier gathering for IT-industry executives, investors, entrepreneurs, thinkers and policymakers for 28 years. The grand-prize winner of the Write your own ticket to PC Forum 2005 Contest receives free admission to PC Forum 2005 and the opportunity to address the PC Forum audience. Full prize details below.

Grand Prize:

One grand-prize winner will receive:

  • Free admission to PC Forum 2005, March 20 to 22
  • Opportunity to address the entire PC Forum 2005 audience on contest answer
  • Three nights accommodation in the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  • Round-trip airfare from within the continental United States to Phoenix, Arizona.
  • One year complimentary subscription to Release 1.0, Esther Dyson's monthly report
  • Transcripts (on CD) of the PC Forum 2005 event
Runner-up Prizes:

Four runner-up winners will receive:

  • One year complimentary subscription to Release 1.0, Esther Dyson's monthly report
  • Transcripts (on CD) of the PC Forum 2005 event
Finalist Prizes:

Twenty finalists will receive:

  • Transcripts (on CD) of the PC Forum 2005 event

CNET and PC Forum host Esther Dyson asked the question below. CNET narrowed the entries to 25 finalists, from which the grand-prize winner was chosen by Esther Dyson, Ellen Levy (director of Industry Collaboration & Research, Media X, Stanford University), and select tech industry executives and editors. Twenty-four other finalists also win prizes. (PC Forum is owned by CNET Networks, the publisher of CNET

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