Wozniak on Steve Jobs' health, Apple culture

Apple co-founder offers a unique perspective on his old friend's health, as well as the likely effect his absence will have on the company.

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Offering a unique perspective on Steve Jobs' health, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is speaking out in the media on his old friend's leave of absence and its likely effect on the company.

In an interview with NBC11 in San Jose, Calif., Wozniak said investors and the media should be respectful of his privacy.

"What he says, we ought to accept," Wozniak said in response to a question about Jobs' health.

Wozniak also said Jobs' six-month absence shouldn't have a negative effect on Apple's product line:

"The products coming out of Apple, out of tech companies, have a long tech pipeline...they work their way through for a year, year and a half...Those products are in the pipeline, they're not going to be disturbed."

He also offered some insight into how his friend's absence could ultimately have a positive impact on the company as well as himself.

"In the shower this morning I was thinking, well you know he sort of said he's going to take a leave of absence. To me, you know, if that's what he says then I'll take it at face value. He wants a rest. The rest and peacefulness. What do you do when you rest? Sometimes your mind floats. A person like him is probably going to work out better concepts and products and ways the future could be and the way we live our lives better than any individual could. Probably a great, great thing for Apple."

After months of speculation about his health, Jobs announced earlier last week that he will step down from his post while recuperating from a hormone imbalance. His absence is expected to stretch until the end of June.