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Woz says Steve Jobs was like Donald Trump

Commentary: Speaking in Australia, the Apple co-founder reportedly makes interesting comparisons and also reveals Tim Cook sent him an iPhone X.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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Does he remind you of Steve Jobs?

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Queen Elizabeth II is a lot like Harry Styles.

Peter Thiel is a lot like the Emperor Constantine.

U2 is a lot like the skiffle band that plays in my pub.

Some comparisons need a little explanation.

But what might Apple fanpeople's first reaction be when they hear Steve Wozniak's comparison of Steve Jobs to another famous personality?

Speaking at the Pivot Summit in Geelong, Australia, Woz offered an interesting thought, as reported by the daily newspaper the Geelong Advertiser (subscription required).

Asked whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk is similar to Jobs, the Apple co-founder replied: "Having been close to Steve Jobs, and not that close to Elon Musk, I'd say Steve Jobs is more like  (President) Trump."

I fear I hear gasps of horror. Was Woz suggesting that he was the Mike Pence of his day?

Woz, however, justified his comparison by saying this of Jobs: "A lot of shocking things you would never hear about, but you would never want your own child to be that way. You'd just be shocked that a human being would do those things."

Woz didn't elaborate on what those shocking things were (although we reached out to Woz for confirmation and clarification and will update if we hear back.) But Jobs did, indeed, have a reputation for outpourings of anger. It's said that he could be mean, too.

Some would find it hard to imagine Jobs, say, suggesting that Mexicans are rapists or mocking someone else's disability

Moreover, I fancy the two companies built by each man aren't exactly alike, with Apple heralded for its innovative products. 

Still, Woz, with his Trump comparison, was talking about personality, rather than creative abilities. "As far as vision, I think Elon Musk and Steve Jobs is a good comparison," Woz reportedly added.

Yes, Musk does go out of his way to make beautiful cars, just as Jobs strained to make beautiful computers and phones.

Woz also elaborated on his insistence prior to the iPhone X launch that he wouldn't be waiting in line for the new phone. At the time, he suggested he was perfectly happy with his iPhone 8.

In Australia, though, he revealed that Apple CEO Tim Cook had actually sent him one. 

Indeed, one attendee, futurist Alex Hagan, reported that Woz claimed he was a little too busy to get one himself.

Yes, he must like it, at least a little, to have sat up for two nights setting it up.

Either that, or it's damnably difficult to set up.

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