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WorldCom-MCI a force on the Net

Regulators approve the blockbuster telecommunications merger, a deal that is expected to change the Net landscape.

After much hand-wringing, regulators approve the blockbuster telecommunications merger of MCI and WorldCom. The deal is expected to change the Net landscape significantly; already it has had some impact by leading to the cancellation of MCI's proposed deal with Yahoo to cobrand their recently launched joint online service.

C&W begins global push with MCI
news analysis Its acquisition of MCI's Internet business for $1.75 billion marks the beginning of the British telecom giant's global expansion.

FCC approves MCI-WorldCom
The agency clears WorldCom's acquisition of MCI, subject to MCI completing the divestiture of its Internet assets.

Yahoo, MCI deal goes bust
The two firms will discontinue their cobranded online service, a casualty of the impending merger between MCI and WorldCom.

FCC doubts future long-distance mergers
Following the MCI-WorldCom deal, future mergers may be out of the question, the FCC head says.