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Windows dressing

Microsoft's upgrade to Windows 95 has less heft and much less hype.

Special coverage: Windows dressing June 25, 1998
5:00 p.m. PT
Special coverage: Windows dressing

Windows 98 is the new operating system for consumers, whether they like it or not.

Gates headlines launch
lead story Gates compares the the PC industry to the auto industry in an earlier era.

Minor upgrade arrives
Windows 98 is more stable than its predecessor and adds a few tricks.

Sales off before debut
Consumers stayed away from PC, peripherals, and software purchases last month.

Europe launch muted
Windows 98 hits the ground walking due to the World Cup.

PC changes in store
Some computer makers are finding reasons to smile as the upgrade launches.

Peripherals to surge
Companies that specialize in modems, printers, and the like will see an upswing.

Midnight madness
Die-hard customers line up around the block to get Windows 98 after all.

The final analysis
CNET review CNET Labs tests Windows 98 for two factors: speed and reliability.

Windows dressing

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