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Windows 98's rocky road

Despite scrambling to build its defense in time for a September 8 trial, the software giant maintains that its plans for Windows 98 remain on track.

A newly set September trial See special report:
Microsoft sued date puts renewed time pressure on Microsoft in its legal turmoil with the Justice Department and 20 states, but the software giant says its plans for Windows 98 remain on track.

Judge sets Sept. 8 trial date
update A federal judge combines the Justice Department and state lawsuits against Microsoft and sets a trial date of September 8.

Windows 98 could be available early
update Windows 98 could be available on computers in retail stores up to a full week or more before the official launch date of June 25.

NEC, Gateway break ranks on Netscape
update The PC makers break ranks with Microsoft by allowing certain customers to configure Windows 98 machines with Netscape's Navigator.

Windows 98 marketing gathers steam
Massive exposure from publicity around the Justice Department's case has touched off an explosion of publicity for Windows 98.

PC makers get Windows 98 shipments
Microsoft ships Windows 98 to PC makers, as the Justice Department and 20 states file parallel antitrust lawsuits against the software giant.

States pressured over Win 98
update Nine top computer executives in California urge the state's attorney general to rethink taking antitrust action against Microsoft.

Win 98 sales to lag behind Win 95
A study says that initial sales of the upgraded OS will be significantly lower than sales of its predecessor, especially among large companies.

Win 98 not subject to injunction
audio | update An appeals court rules that an order requiring Microsoft to offer its browser separately from Windows 95 does not apply to Windows 98.