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Windows 2000: The next generation

Microsoft's new corporate operating system could force many business to pay thousands of dollars in additional licensing fees, a research firm says.


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By staff
February 17, 2000, 7:15 p.m. PT

Gates unveils system amid fanfare
Microsoft officially announces its most ambitious software product as the company attempts to make up ground in the high-end computing world.

Additional licensing fees a feature
The new system could force many businesses to pay thousands of dollars in hidden costs, according to a research firm that has slammed previous pricing policies.

Laptops may see fastest adoption
Microsoft's new corporate operating system may gain popularity fastest in an unlikely place, computer makers and analysts say.

Investors consider software's impact
The release of Windows 2000 could be considered the tech industry's equivalent of trickle-down economics, as many segments will reap the rewards.

Upgrade raises chip speed concerns
update Longtime partners Microsoft and Intel appear at odds over a key question of processor power needed to run Windows 2000.

Compaq shares its server vision
By 2001, the computer maker plans to spread its Windows-based machines into every niche of computing, chief executive Michael Capellas says.

Microsoft's Ballmer courts developers
The software giant's chief executive courts the community of software developers crucial to the success of the company's upcoming Windows 2000 operating system.

Dell moves Web site to Windows 2000
update Microsoft describes Windows 2000 as a "bet-the-ranch" software project, and Dell Computer apparently agrees as it moves its own Web site over to the new OS.

Windows 2000 launch festivities begin
The unveiling of Microsoft's most ambitious software product yet gets underway as dignitaries arrive in San Francisco for a three-day confab.

Release signals new era for Redmond
Seen as the center of Microsoft's strategy for the millennium, the operating system will be the basis for an entire new generation of software.

Linux hot on Windows' trail
Although delays have given Microsoft a chance to improve its newest OS, competitors such as Linux have used the time to change the operating system landscape.

Firms ease into OS transition
Despite the hype surrounding the release of Microsoft?s new operating system, many businesses are uncertain when they'll adopt Windows 2000.

Move may not be smooth for many
A leading research firm says 25 percent of all corporations that install Microsoft's new operating system will struggle to make it work with existing systems.

Computer makers gear up
Hardware makers, software developers, component suppliers, service consultants, distributors and others are looking to the new OS to fuel technology purchasing in the months ahead.

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