Wii need guns. Lots of guns.

Brooklyn-based CTA has a virtual armory of Wii gun accessories.

Will Greenwald

If the Wii Zapper strikes you as too 'gunlike,' then you're probably not going to like these Wii accessories. Brooklyn-based CTA Digital showed off an entire arsenal of gun-themed Wiimote peripherals.

From the pistol-like Magnum Gun to the submachinegun-like Buzz Gun, CTA showed off no less than six Zapper-like Wii gun attachments. The Shot Gun for Wii stood out among them, a hulking, heavy pump-action shotgun accessory. The Shot Gun was a mock-up, and hopefully the final version of the gun will be lighter than the bulky model CTA displayed.

While they look fun, CTA's Wii accessories were questionable at best. Several models boasted built-in laser pointers, which are essentially useless when actually playing the Wii. Along with the company's various other Wii accessories, like Wii boxing gloves, Wii glowing swords, Wii fishing rods, Wii pool cues, and even Wii cooking utensils, the entire display seemed like an attempt to cash in on Wii fever. The most blatant example of this was the Airplane Navigator, a flight yoke accessory in which you fit the Wiimote and Nunchuck... and which no Wii game can actually use very well. So far, I haven't seen any games that involve holding the remote and nunchuck together and waving them around like a flight yoke to move or steer.

CTA had no pricing information for its various Wii accessories, but a spokesman said that units were already being shipped to retail outlets.