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Whirlwind for Windows 98

Microsoft may be plugging Windows 98 in the Big Apple, but others say delaying the upgrade will not be devastating to the industry.

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and his colleagues in the PC sector may have been plugging Windows 98 today in the Big Apple, but analysts and observers say delaying the operating system upgrade will be far from devastating to the industry.

Gates hosts Windows 98 rally
In a well-choreographed show of support, 60 partners join Microsoft in warning that delaying Windows 98 would have serious consequences.

Hatch deflates Microsoft PR event
update Hours before a Microsoft rally against delaying Windows 98, the Republican Utah senator sounds off on the event.

Messages mixed on Win 98 delays
update | news analysis A number of industry watchers say that postponing the operating system's release will likely have a minimal impact on the PC sector.

Microsoft warns Wall Street
update The software giant says any legal action to delay the arrival of Windows 98 could negatively affect the entire PC industry.

Partners toe Microsoft line
update Microsoft's partners warn regulators that their much-anticipated legal action against the software giant could have serious consequences.

States, DOJ weigh lawsuits
update Federal and state regulators are considering new antitrust action against the software giant.

Microsoft on schedule for Win 98
roundup While regulators weigh new antitrust actions against Microsoft, the company and the PC industry are ramping up for the release of Windows 98.