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What's on CNET TV this weekend?

CNET TV on CNBC examines investors' growing interest in technology public offerings and how some firms are helping people get in on the ground floor.


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As investors' interest in technology public offerings grows, some firms are looking to help people get in on these lucrative deals on the ground floor. This weekend, CNET TV on CNBC looks at IPOs for everyone, and what risks are involved. Also, a look inside the growing industry for Internet services companies.


This weekend on CNET TV
Catch the show Saturday and Sunday, 4 to 5 p.m. ET on CNBC. This week's Newsmaker is eStyle founder and CEO Laurie McCartney. And IPOs coming up next week are Organic, and Via Net.Works.

A test case in the tough services market
San Francisco-based Organic plans to take the ultimate step for an online company, boosting its competitive edge in the dense market for Web services by raising money through a public stock sale.

Razorfish swims against the stream
Although Razorfish calls its some 1,300 employees "fish," chief executive Jeff Dachis is the big fish among them. Since quitting a job as a waiter, Dachis has built a digital media company worth more than $4 billion.

E-commerce growth fuels B2B market, study says
A research group says the market for software that companies use to develop businesses online is expected to grow from $5 billion today to close to $40 billion in 2002.