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What we didn't get from Apple's iPhone event

As expected, Apple announced new iPhones at its press event in Cupertino, Calif. But there are plenty of other product refreshes still waiting for a possible October unveiling.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
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Folks waiting for a larger iPhone screen will have to wait a while longer. James Martin/CNET

Apple's new iPhones are finally here -- but they didn't bring many surprises to their coming-out party.

The event played out pretty much as expected, with a new iPhone 5S flagship and a more affordable iPhone 5C making their debut. But that left plenty of other product refreshes and announcements in a "to be determined" state.

What follows is a comprehensive list of products Apple did not unveil today. To be clear, few if any of these products were expected. Some of these -- updated iPads and Macs -- will likely pop up at an iPad-centric event that most observers expect in October. Other, more-fanciful Apple wish-list products -- the rumored smartwatch complete with the new M7 chip and a television -- will likely wait until 2014, if they are released at all.

  • A big-screen iPhone: Both new iPhones have the same 4-inch screen as 2012's iPhone 5. That's downright tiny compared with the 4.7-inch, 5-inch, and even larger screens that are now commonplace on competing Android and Windows Phones. Apple is rumored to be experimenting with larger-screen phones in the lab, but don't expect them to appear until 2014. The big question, of course, is will we have to wait a whole year for a larger iPhone or will Apple add it to the line sooner?
  • New iPad and iPad Mini: Apple last updated its iPad line in October of 2012. We're still waiting for a slimmed-down full-size iPad (often referred to as the iPad 5), as well as a Retina iPad Mini. A refresh of both products is all but guaranteed next month, but it's unclear if Apple can cram a Retina screen into this year's Mini model. It will be interesting to see how Apple prices the new iPads and what memory configurations will be available at what cost.
  • New iPods: In 2012, Apple upgraded the iPod Touch and completely redesigned the iPod Nano, with the old Shuffle staying in the lineup. It'd be nice to see the iPod Touch get an upgrade before the holidays (better camera, faster processor), but Apple could just stick with the existing iPod lineup for another year.
  • Upgraded Macs: The MacBook Air got updated in June with the latest Intel "Haswell" chip, granting it exceedingly long battery life. However, the rest of the Mac line, however, is still chugging along with 2012 innards. We're still waiting for new iMacs, Mac Minis, and MacBook Pros (both the standard and Retina versions).
  • Mac Pro release date: Apple teased its sleek, new high-end desktop computer at the World Wide Developers conference back in June. But we still haven't heard when it will hit the market and how much it'll cost. Like the Mac refreshes mentioned above, expect to get more details in October.
  • A new Apple TV box: Rumors keep churning that Apple will unveil a new Apple TV box that will include a gaming component, bringing iOS games to your TV, complete with controller support. But it hasn't materialized yet.
  • The "iWatch": Samsung, Qualcomm, and Sony have all announced smartwatch products arriving later this year -- and that doesn't count the laundry list of smaller Kickstarter competitors like Pebble. Apple has dropped hints that it's interested in pursuing a watch product, and with the announcement of the new M7 "motion coprocessor" the potential is there, but we don't expect to see anything before 2014.
  • The Apple HDTV: This is the ultimate Apple ghost -- the much-anticipated Apple TV set. It's unclear if Apple will ever even do it, or just stick to its set-top box, which has steadily been racking up sales. Time will tell, but don't expect this product until 2014, if at all.
  • Release date for OS X Mavericks: The release of Apple'slatest update to the Mac OS should be just around the corner, but we still don't have an official launch date. We expect it to cost $19.99, like the last update (Lion).
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