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Week in review: Search engines get social

Google and Microsoft announce deals with Twitter and Facebook, while Apple tweaks its hardware. Also: Windows 7 goes on sale.

Two of the Web's biggest search giants are making friends with social networks.

Microsoft is bringing real-time search results from Facebook and Twitter to its Bing search engine thanks to two partnerships. The Twitter partnership, which will bring all real-time public tweets to Bing, went live in beta on Wednesday at

The Facebook deal, which will access all information shared publicly on the social network, will arrive "at a later date," Microsoft said. It's all part of Bing's strategy to harness "the emerging hot area of real-time information."

In a deal announced just hours after Microsoft debuted integration of "tweets" into Bing, Google said it would also be indexing real-time Twitter messages in search results. Google has "reached an agreement," but the search results have not gone live like Microsoft's have on Bing. Reports started to surface earlier this month that Twitter was in separate talks with both Google and Microsoft.

Uncharacteristically for Microsoft, the new Twitter search feature on Bing went live shortly after the announcement. Here's how Twitterized Bing works for users so far.
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•  Twitter hits 5 billion tweets
•  Eight billion minutes spent on Facebook daily
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More headlines

Now playing: Watch this: Windows 7 launches in New York City

Windows 7: Microsoft's touchy-feely launch

A subdued launch left enthusiasts with plenty of time to get hands-on with all the new PCs--well, all but that Dell Adamo that everyone wanted to get their hands on.
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Apple unveils redesigned MacBooks, new iMacs

Apple revamped its desktop and laptop lines, dramatically redesigning the iMac all-in-one and MacBook laptop, and also adding a few updates to its Mac Mini line of small-scale desktops.
•  Apple: Best Mac, iPhone quarterly sales ever

Barnes & Noble debuts its Nook

The bookseller launches its Kindle rival at an event at the Chelsea Piers. As expected, the e-reader has a dual-screen display and will sell for $259.
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FCC sets Internet regulation in motion

Federal Communications Commission votes unanimously to gather data that will be used to determine regulations to keep the Net open.
•  Telco lobbyists don't mind some Net neutrality regs
•  AT&T enlists employees to oppose Net neutrality
•  Verizon CEO slams Net neutrality
•  Google, Verizon Wireless find common ground on Net neutrality
•  Net neutrality still faces political, legal hurdles

Another Facebook redesign: Birthdays are important

Leaked document shows some of Facebook's plan for a minor home page redesign that addresses some of the concerns members raised the last time the company did a big design overhaul.
•  Facebook COO: No PayPal killer, ad network--yet
•  Facebook's Gift Shop gets down to business

News Corp. digital chief: MySpace 'kind of stopped'

As the social site attempts a turnaround, the parent company's chief digital officer talked about how it lost its way. Whether it'll be able to get back on top is less clear.
•  MySpace blasts out new music features
•  MySpace takes one small step in the right direction

Utilities vow to prep infrastructure for plug-in cars

Utilities say they need to invest in infrastructure to ease the transition of plug-in electric vehicles with incentives for off-peak charging and charging stations in public places.
•  Investor: Green tech vital to U.S. competitiveness
•  Toyota looks to electric car business

Also of note
•  Nokia sues Apple over wireless patents
•  France adopts antipiracy three-strikes law
•  Judge: Craigslist not liable for prostitution ads