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Week in review: Nov. 11-15

For those who were unable to keep up with technology news during the week and would like to get caught up, we offer a roundup of the week's highlights.

 In The Net 

The fight between the two Internet software heavyweights entered another round as Microsoft complained that Netscape is belatedly offering JavaScript to a standards organization. The latest row strikes at the heart of whether Netscape and Microsoft are offering truly open technologies. Meanwhile, Sun Microsystems also is preparing to hand over some pieces of its Java technology.
Microsoft calls Netscape on standards issue
Microsoft insults Netscape's Java
Sun to begin opening Java
Junk email victims fight back
FTC shuts down alleged pyramid scheme

 In Computing 

To Be or not to Be, that's the OS question. Mac OS clone-maker Power Computing is close to signing an agreement that would allow it to offer the Be operating system with desktop computers. Apple Computer also covets Be, but the companies are butting heads over the price tag.
Apple, Be squabble over money could derail merger talks
Mac clones to run on Be OS?
Macro virus strikes Excel
Compaq adds speed, drops prices
AMD moves ahead with MMX, readies K6 chip

 Coming up at Comdex 

It's show-and-tell time at Comdex. Microsoft hopes to show off the master version of its Office 97 for Windows application suite. And, on the 25th anniversary of the Intel 4004 microprocessor, Andy Grove will tell attendees about his vision of microprocessor and PC technology over the next decade.
Microsoft, Lotus roll suites in Vegas
Grove talks about a revolution, IBM, Dell et al talk real products
Informix heralds a New Era
Hitachi flashes MPEG
FireWire multimedia technology to get big push