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Week in review: iPhone preorder overload

Preorders overwhelm the system, while the E3 expo makes gamers salivate. Also: Twitter at a crossroads.

Apple and AT&T began taking preorders for the next generation of its iPhone this week, but interest in the new smartphone quickly overran the system.

Apple says the one-day preorder volume for the iPhone 4 was the highest it has ever experienced, virtually paralyzing the ordering system. Altogether, Apple took preorders for 600,000 iPhone 4 handsets on Tuesday. The sheer number of orders overwhelmed the online system, causing it to crash repeatedly throughout the day. Customers saw error messages when accessing the Web sites and experienced long delays while trying to create or update their AT&T accounts.

When the device will be in stock isn't clear. As of Wednesday morning, showed the first availability of newly filed preorders would not arrive until July 14--weeks after June 24, the device's first official sale date. AT&T said Wednesday it has suspended preorders for the device.

With preorder snafus and longtime complaints of network congestion in mind, many are wondering whether AT&T's wireless network is up to the task of handling what is expected to be another record-breaking launch for the latest version of the popular iPhone.
•  First round of iPhone 4 preorders sold out
•  Specs revealed: iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM
•  iPhone reselling takes off after WWDC
•  Verizon iPhone rumor revived

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Microsoft's Xbox motion control system is Kinect

After calling it Project Natal for more than a year, Microsoft finally gives its motion-control system a real name, formally unveiling Kinect during a special Cirque du Soleil performance.
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Twitter at a crossroads once again

Prolonged and embarrassing outages hit the service once again, just as everyone is turning to it to pontificate about the Gulf oil spill or cheer on their favorite World Cup soccer teams. What does it mean this time?
•  Twitter whacked by hours-long problems
•  Twitter adds option to tweet location by name

Unpatched Windows XP-related hole exploited in attacks

Microsoft says exploit code has been removed from the Web but more attacks are likely. A Google researcher publicly disclosed the vulnerability last week.

The groundbreaking tech of 'Toy Story 3'

Once again, Pixar has broken new computer animation ground with its latest film, which will hit theaters Friday. This time, the studio found a way to use technology to animate a climactic sequence involving thousands of pieces of ground-up garbage.
•  The man behind Pixar's 3D films

Behind the scenes: Windows Phone 7

CNET's Ina Fried gets a rare look at the final days of development on Microsoft's next mobile platform. In Redmond, they know they're the underdogs in this fight.
•  Images: The making of Phone 7
•  Developers to get Windows Phone 7 devices in July

Google music store could launch this fall

Apple could see the most significant iTunes challenger emerge as early as October, music industry sources say. Google's music store may not be just about Android.
•  Google still trying to meet your shopping needs

If LimeWire builds legal site, will labels come?

LimeWire says it is building a legal site, but top record companies had asked for this numerous times over past 18 months. Now, it's likely too late.
•  LimeWire faces new copyright suit

Phase One: All the camera $55K can buy

Some people balk at spending $300 for a camera. So what does a medium-format camera with the price of a midrange BMW get you? Big, luscious images, for starts.
•  Apple expands raw, tethered camera support

Trying to sell Office in an era of free Office

As Office 2010 hits retail shelves, it finds itself competing with a host of free rivals, including two from Microsoft itself.

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