Web tool packs a Wallop

Wallop Software is giving individual users a link into its Build-It Website management and development package.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
Wallop Software is giving individual users a link into its Web site management and development package.

The company will next week begin shipping Wallop Build-It for Business Users, an add-on to its Build-It for the Enterprise package that allows developers and others to contribute elements to a Web application.

Build-It for the Enterprise, introduced last November, is a tool for managing all elements involved in building a Web site. Build-It doesn't recreate HTML, code generation, or database development tools, but instead acts as an umbrella application that gives developers a single environment in which to access those tools and to manage code and Web site elements, such as GIF files.

The Business User add-on lets individual users in large organizations contribute content, such as graphics, forms, and applets, to a Web development project, managed by a Webmaster using the Enterprise package.

Build-It for Business Users costs $495 per user. It is bundled in packages of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 seats. Build-It for the Enterprise runs on Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT; it is priced at $2,495 per seat. An evaluation copy is posted to the company's Web site.