Web Quick speeds surfing

Europa Software launches a Windows 95 version of its Web Quick bookmark organizer designed to ease Web site navigation.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
Europa Software has launched a Windows 95 version of its Web Quick bookmark organizer, designed to ease Web site navigation.

Web Quick 1.2 installs as a menu option on the Windows 95 taskbar, and lets users, in a single click, launch either Netscape Communications' Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browsers as well as access frequently visited Web sites.

A Macintosh version of Web Quick has been shipping since June. The new Windows 95 version adds several additional features, including the ability to monitor bookmarked sites for changes. The software searches the Web, compares bookmarked sites to live pages, and flags any bookmarked sites that have changed since the last visit.

A 15-day trial version of Web Quick is available free from the company's Web site. After the trial period has ended, the software can be purchased online for $29.95.