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Facebook F8 keynote: Watch Mark Zuckerberg live now

At its annual developers conference, Facebook is likely to make announcements about live video, chat bots and maybe even a little VR.

22 Jun 2012, UK --- Detail of Facebook social media app icon on iPad tablet computer screen --- Image by © Iain Masterton/incamerastock/Corbis
© Iain Masterton/incamerastock/Corbis

F8, Facebook's annual developers conference, is happening now, with a keynote from none other than CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

We don't know what will be announced, but rumors say we'll hear about chat bots, live video and maybe even virtual-reality integration for Facebook.

Though this all sounds interesting, regular Facebook users probably won't be affected by the new-new until developers create something out of it. To be fair, it is a conference for developers.

To watch Zuckerberg, click play on the media player below:

Check back with CNET for updates on all the new developments at F8.