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VR arcade trend continues to spread, now to Tokyo

Virtual reality is an expensive platform to enjoy at home -- but, thankfully, VR arcades look to be a trend.

Is virtual reality too pricey for you to dive into? Fret not, VR-themed arcades are slowly becoming a thing.

Japan is host to the latest iteration. Beginning December 16, the fourth floor of an Adores arcade in Shibuya, Tokyo will be turned into a VR arcade with nine different games to try. Players will pay 3,200 yen ($40, AU$50, £30) for unlimited access to each game for 70 minutes.

Shibuya's VR-arcade is temporary but is following more permanent fixtures that have popped up abroad in Australia, Canada and England.

VR is exciting, but it's also expensive. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive cost $600 and $800 respectively, and VR-ready PCs will cost a minimum of $1,000. Console gamers have the option of PSVR which, with a PS4 console, will cost around $800.

The offerings at Shibuya's VR Park include some Hollywood-inspired titles, including Ghost Attackers VR, a Ghostbusters-style team game, and Dive Hard VR.