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Voice mail for your in-box

CallWare's voice mail software will integrate into Novell's GroupWise 5 communications software, notifying users of voice mail, email, and faxes in one mailbox.

CallWare Technologies announced today that its CallWare voice mail software will work with Novell's upcoming GroupWise 5 intra-company communication software.

Written specifically as a Netware Loadable Module (NLM), CallWare 5.2 integrates with GroupWise 5's Universal Mail Box feature and posts a notice when a user has a voice mail message. The software uses a telephone icon to distinguish voice mail from other messages, email, faxes, and schedule reminders displayed in the Universal Mail Box.

Internal voice mail messages are displayed with the caller's extension and name. External messages are listed simply as "outside caller" unless the user has caller ID technology.

As with the previous version of GroupWise, CallWare can convert voice messages into WAV files to play over a computer's speakers, even when the user is accessing her in-box remotely, according to CallWare officials.

CallWare's interface is being updated for integration with GroupWise 5, but the product is otherwise essentially unchanged.

CallWare for GroupWise 5 will be available in September when Novell launches GroupWise 5 and costs from $50 to $120 per user, depending on size of system. A 25-user license costs $2,995.

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