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Visigenic plays query cop

The company ships its VisiBroker Integrated Transaction Service, a CORBA-based program that allows organizations to build cross-platform software.

Visigenic Software (VSGN) today began shipping its VisiBroker Integrated Transaction Service (ITS) to beta customers.

VisiBroker ITS is a CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)-based program that allows organizations to build cross-platform software, and is based on Visigenic's ORB technology. ORBs function as middleware that find and pass objects to requesting applications, regardless of where they are located on the network.

VisiBroker ITS is a component of the Visigenic Distributed Application Platform, which allows developers to link applications using object-oriented technology. It is a transaction management add-on that manages client requests for data by working with transaction processing systems such as IBM's CICS and Tuxedo and with databases from IBM, Oracle, and Sybase, among other companies.

Visigenic has recently agreed to be acquired by Borland, pending stockholder and regulatory approval.