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Virtual reality becomes reality (Next Big Thing, Episode 6)

Virtual reality is getting real, and not just for gaming. Forget 4G, the buzz is building around 5G. And the 4K TV discussion now focuses on the content.

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Virtual Reality headgear is no longer a thing of niche fascination. With Rift, Glyph and Morpheus it's coming on fast as a real business for the expansion of gaming. But beyond that look at the many vertical industry applications where it may take root and you can see this will be a broader technology than shooting zombies in 360.

5G cellular wireless technology is still a handful of years away but a few goals for it are coming clear and they will take us in directions we haven't really tapped when it comes to cellular connectivity. Higher speed, yes, but that is just the beginning of what could be the biggest "G" upgrade we've ever seen.

4K television has mostly been about the televisions so far, which is understandable with a new technology, but 2014 is shaping up to be the year of 4K content and, most of that, streaming. Amazon, Netflix, Samsung are fashioning themselves the early hubs of 4K while new codecs are the reason that won't clog your broadband pipe.

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