Video shows what looks like iOS 7 running on an iPad

A new video surfaces that claims to show an iPad with iOS 7. Could this user have the software before other developers?

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Dara Kerr
What will iOS 7 look like on an iPad? CNET

Apple has yet to give developers an iPad version of iOS 7, but photos, videos, and reports are popping up left and right about what the new operating system will look like on the tablet.

A new iPad iOS 7 video (see below) surfaced Tuesday from a Russian-based YouTube user named Rozetked who claims to have the upcoming OS running on his iPad. In the video, the user holding an iPad taps and swipes through different screens and features.

What's shown is awfully similar to what is known about iOS 7 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. When Apple announced the debut of iOS 7 for those devices at WWDC last week, the company said it dramatically redesigned the look and feel of the user interface. This appears to be shown in Rosetked's video.

Icons, buttons, and color schemes all look like they've been revamped. The screen also has a swipe feature at the bottom of the device for quick access to various features -- just like with iOS 7 for the iPhone.

Still, it's unclear if this video is indeed showing Apple's legitimate iOS 7 for the iPad or just some mock-up.

CNET contacted Apple for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.