Video shows purported iPhone 5 internals, front plate

A video has emerged showing not only alleged internal details of the iPhone 5 but the front plate that holds the larger display.

Brooke Crothers
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iPhone 5 mockup.
iPhone 5 mockup. Overdrive Design

So much for post-product-release teardowns. The iPhone 5 is being torn down piece by piece already.

Just after alleged photos of the iPhone 5's main circuit board appeared, we now have a video of not only the front plate but items as small as the "flex cable," replete with the sleep-wake button and volume switch, according to SmartPhone Medic, a smartphone repair service based in Columbia, S.C.

"We just got some new iPhone 5 parts in," the video begins. The SmartPhone Medic guy then goes to show the alleged iPhone 5's front plate with the larger display.

In addition to the obvious display size difference with iPhone 4S (iPhone 5's display is about 30 percent bigger), the camera and proximity sensor locations have changed, SmartPhone Medic claims.

They also place the new iPhone 5 front plate on top of the Samsung Galaxy S III, clearly showing that even with the iPhone 5's larger screen, the Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch display is a lot wider and taller.

The video also shows an 8-pin dock connector flex cable assembly, and two other flex cables for the iPhone 5.

The next iPhone could be announced as soon as next month.

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