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Video gets affordable Diamond

Diamond Multimedia is offering up its solution for desktop videoconferencing for just under $400.

Diamond Multimedia DIMD is offering up its solution for desktop videoconferencing for just under $400.

The company introduced the Supra Video Phone Kit 3000, which operates on recently established interoperability standards. The kit contains all the components necessary for modem-to-modem and Internet desktop videoconferencing. The kit includes a SupraExpress 33.6-kbps internal modem, video capture card, color camera with microphone, VDOnet videoconferencing software, and cables.

Despite problems with the quality of video over phone lines, Diamond believes the market for desktop videoconferencing will accelerate in the fourth quarter of this year and into 1997. One reason: the new H.324 standard eases the interoperability issues between different videoconferencing systems, the company says. Diamond says it has tested the kit to ensure interoperability with other H.324 solutions.

The Diamond Crunch It 1001 video capture card supports standard resolutions for videoconferencing and can capture up to 30 frames per second. S-VHS or composite camcorders can also be connected to the card. The modem and software allow for up to 15 frames per second of video. Diamond says that the included camera with built-in microphone is adjustable for focus, contrast, as well as white balance and hooks to the computer with a single cable that transmits video, audio, and power.

Diamond says that minimum system requirements are a 100-MHz Pentium processor and Windows 95. The entire kit will have an estimated street price of $399, with availability expected in December.