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Video: Democratic convention, day 3 recap

Vice presidential nominee Joe Biden gives the climactic address of Wednesday evening, following a speech by former President Bill Clinton.

Day three of the Democratic National Convention wasn't just about speeches. It also marked the official anointing of Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the Democratic ticket for the 2008 presidential election.

But there were speeches aplenty, of course. Biden gave the climactic address of Wednesday evening in Denver, laying into the Republicans and their presumptive nominee, John McCain, after which Obama made an unscheduled appearance on stage, offering a few words in advance of his speech Thursday night.

Earlier in the evening, former President Bill Clinton addressed the party faithful as well.

Meanwhile, word began to circulate that McCain had decided on his running mate, though there was no specific indication yet as to which of several likely individuals had made the cut. The Republicans hold their convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul next week.

Catch up on Wednesday night's developments in this video with Katie Couric of CBS News: