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VA Linux CEO wants to break some Windows

Watch CEO Larry Augustin at the LinuxWorld conference talk about the future of Linux as the alternative to a Windows world.

VA Linux CEO Larry Augustin touts his company's prospects

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--Offbeat start-ups and staid computing giants found common ground this week here at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

Highlights included an agreement among IBM, Sun Microsystems, Compaq Computer and others to support Gnome, a desktop interface that promises to make Linux more palatable to mainstream users. Big Blue's expanded partnership with Linux leader Red Hat received plenty of attention as well.

In the video clip to the left, industry leaders such as Michael Dell of Dell Computer and Larry Augustin of VA Linux Systems tout the open-source software's advantages over Microsoft products. Most Linux supporters agree that big-money support will only accelerate the spread of the fast-growing operating system and the open-source model behind it.