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Unofficial Apple iMessage app removed from Google Play Store

App that let Android users send messages over Apple's iMessage protocol has been removed from the Google Play Store.


An app that let Android users tap into Apple's iMessage protocol on their devices has been removed from Google's Play Store.

That app made waves after being discovered late Monday, and raised security concerns over how the service operated without Apple's permission. That included the security behind users offering up their Apple ID in order to log into the service. Such credentials could be used to access various other Apple services, and potentially even make purchases.

Despite such concerns, the application worked as promised -- allowing iMessages to be sent between Android and iOS devices.

According to Computerworld, the software was removed by Google for violating the company's store policy.

Apple introduced iMessage as part of iOS 5 in 2011. Like Apple's FaceTime video chat service, it remains exclusive to the company's iOS and Mac devices. The yanked app, called iMessage Chat, was the first such app to get around that limitation, though without Apple's blessing.