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Unisys pushes new desktops, notebooks

Unisys made a renewed push for its desktop lineup with a new family of PCs.

Unisys made a renewed push for its oft-overlooked desktop lineup today with the announcement of a new family of "Aquanta" desktop and notebook PCs, as well as two new servers.

The new Unisys desktops include:
--the Aquanta SC one-slot system, an ultra-compact PC comparable in size to a notebook PC. The SC comes with 75-MHz or 133-MHz Pentium processors and retails at $1,200 and up.
--the Aquanta DX mid-range desktop. Aimed at large organizations, the DX uses 100, 133, 150 or 166MHz Pentium processors and supports 16-bit full duplex audio, TAPI software for telephony applications and a Universal Serial Bus interface. The retail price starts at $1,972.
--the Aquanta DM/6 Pentium Pro minitower system. Built around a second-generation (440FX) Pentium Pro chipset, the DM/6 supports Pentium Pro processors up to 200 MHz with a 256KB or 512KB L2 cache. The DM/6 uses high-speed EDO memory as well as optional ECC memory support. The retail price starts at $5,414.

The new Unisys notebooks include the Aquanta MN notebook system with Pentium power of up to 120 MHz, a touchpad pointing device, and a three-bay modularity for floppy drive, CD-ROM, batteries, and disk drives. The price for this model starts at $2,100.

The new servers include:
--the Aquanta DS "full-tower" dual-processor server. The dual-processor DS will run with two 166-MHz Pentium processors with 512K cache or two 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors with 256K or 512K cache. The DS has eight total drive bays, nine PCI slots, and up to 1GB of ECC RAM. The design also calls for multiple cooling fans to minimize heat buildup, the leading cause of downtime, Unisys said. Suggested price for the new systems starts at $9,532.
--the Aquanta rackmount servers. Available in dual and quad-processor configurations, prices for the rack-mount models start at $11,900.