UK government to strengthen gig economy workers' rights

Improved sick pay, holiday pay and stable contracts should benefit workers for apps like Uber and Deliveroo.

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A Deliveroo rider with some snacks on his back in London.

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The UK government is strengthening the employment rights of gig economy workers like Uber and Deliveroo drivers. 

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced a new Good Work plan to improve access to sick pay, holiday pay and stable contracts. The move follows a review of modern employment practises last year, as well as an industrial tribunal that reclassified Uber drivers as employees of the app company rather than just people using the app to share their car with passengers.

The so-called gig economy involves people working for app services, often delivering food or other services. The app companies have resisted classifying these flexible workers as employees, a position challenged by politicians and unions in the UK and around the world

Exact details of the government's plans will follow ongoing consultations.

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