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Uber's 'You're the boss' ad seems full of timely symbolism

Commentary: In the UK, the controversially-managed ride-sharing company launches a TV ad that uses an interesting Elvis track.

 Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


And another executive leaves Uber...

Uber/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's been a transporting week for Uber.

As another senior executive leaves and CEO Travis Kalanick is rumored to be taking a leave of absence, you wonder who will be left behind.

Someone has to be the boss now, but no one seems sure who.

With glorious timing, then, Uber has just released an ad in the UK that shows how quickly things can change.

A young couple goes from exciting event to exciting event, just by passing through the back of various Uber cars.

One minute, you're at a club. The next, you're bowling. 

It's exactly how so many young people use the service around the world. Why buy a car when you can push a couple of buttons on an app and there it is, ready to release you from all responsibility?

Yet I can't help looking at it in the context of Uber's (largely self-inflicted) troubles. 

It's as if the speed with which these young people change cars and venues mirrors Uber's own musical front seats. I mean, chairs.

In the last few months, Uber has lost its president, its senior vice president of engineering, its senior vice president, its head of policy and communications and its vice president of product and growth. I count at least a dozen senior departing staff members. Some have been fired, some have fled the fire. Last week, it was the turn of Eric Alexander, Uber's president of business for Asia Pacific.

So as I watch this ad and see the rapid changes in it, all I can do is chuckle even harder when I hear the music. It's Elvis singing "You're the Boss." 

No, you're the boss. No, you're the boss. Wait, who's the boss? 

The company has reportedly promised to implement all of the recommendations of the Holder Report, which looked into how bad sexual harassment is at the company. On Tuesday, Uber may announce some new bosses to its staff. 

He's now the boss? He's the boss? Wait, who is he?

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