Tumbleweed ships tools for MSN

Nearly a month after Microsoft's Internet strategy announcement, a Redwood City, California, software company has released an OLE Control object that lets developers create applications that run on the Microsoft Network.

CNET News staff
Tumbleweed Software Corporation is now offering an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Control object (called OCX) aimed at letting application developers create programs for the Microsoft Network (MSN).

On December 8, Microsoft officials outlined a broad Internet strategy that included the release of Visual Basic Script for developers. Similar in scope to Sun Microsystems' and Netscape Communications' Java Script, the programming language lets developers create Net applications that run on both MSN and the Internet.

The Tumbleweed OCX will let developers incorporate electronic documents into Internet Studio applications. The OCX is compatible with Microsoft's Envoy portable electronic document viewer.

Once Microsoft's Internet Explorer is released, Tumbleweed will extend the functions of its OCX to support the browser's encryption and document features, officials said.