Tug of war continues over Microsoft appeal

The struggle for control of the landmark antitrust case rolls on as the government asks the U.S. Court of Appeal to bow out.

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The Department of Justice asks the U.S. Court of Appeals to cede any authority over appeal of the Microsoft case, as the software giant fights plans to send the case directly to the Supreme Court.

"It looks to me like they're trying to cut the court of appeals out completely."

- George Washington University School of Law professor Bill Kovacic


DOJ asks appeals court to back off
The Justice Department asks the U.S. Court of Appeals Special coverage: Breakup to cede jurisdiction in the case.

Microsoft to respond to Supreme Court petition by Monday
The software giant files a short response to a government petition asking that the company's appeal in the antitrust case be taken directly to the Supreme Court.

Gates shrugs off court troubles
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates insists staff morale is high despite the antitrust battle and denies that defections are damaging the software giant.

Appeals court agrees to hear Microsoft case
update The U.S. Court of Appeals agrees late today to hear Microsoft's appeal of a breakup order, handing the software giant a victory in its antitrust battle.

Judge sides with DOJ in delaying decision
A federal judge grants a government request that could delay an important preliminary appeal in the landmark antitrust case.

Gates: Antitrust trial "a waste of resources"
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates terms the government's antitrust suit against his company a "waste of resources" but says it should all be over in a year.

Red Hat founder: Microsoft isn't Net-ready
The software giant isn't built for the Internet era, says Red Hat Software chairman Robert Young, and it isn't going to be easy for the behemoth to adapt.