Toshiba Satellite E205 has Core i5 and wireless video output, exclusive to Best Buy

With a new Core i5 processor, a unique design and a new wireless video display technology from Intel, the E205 stands out as one of Toshiba's most unique products at CES 2010.

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While most Toshiba Satellites have similar design consistencies across the board, a lone and notable exception was the Best Buy-exclusive E105, reviewed in previous retail round-ups at CNET. Many of the design decisions in the E105 were ones we actually preferred over standard Satellites, so the announcement of the E205 was immediately exciting on these terms alone. But the addition of new wireless display technology that can easily stream video to an HDTV without any physical link makes the E205 technologically unique as well.

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The Satellite E205, with a Core i5-430M processor and Intel Wireless Display technology, has one of the bolder looks among Satellite laptops. Curved lines, a uniquely hinged screen, and a slot-loading DVD/CD drive give the notebook a conceptual look. The E205 is part of Best Buy's Blue Label program, which gathers user feedback to help create a unique design. It will sell for $999.

Intel Wireless Display Technology, a new cross-platform format that's being introduced across several manufacturers, makes its appearance here. Plugging in a small box made by Netgear into any monitor or TV, using HDMI or even component connections, will enable instant streaming via Wi-Fi of anything that appears on the computer screen. While the mirroring has a slight lag, it's an easy solution for streaming online video or movies to a larger screen without connecting any wires at resolutions up to 720p.

The fixed specs include a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, a 14-inch LED display, 802.11n Wi-Fi. And, of course, it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium. The E205 will be available in Best Buy stores and online starting January 17.