Top new iPhone 5 cases at CES 2013

We hit the show floor in search of new iPhone cases and found plenty of them at CES 2013.

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David Carnoy
ZeroChroma was showing the new translucent version of its Theater-Stand 360 case at CES. David Carnoy/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Apple may not be at CES, but accessories for its products seem to be everywhere.

I went out in search of new iPhone 5 cases, including extended battery cases, which a lot of readers have been asking about. Alas, Mophie still isn't ready to introduce its popular battery case for the iPhone 5, but a few other companies are getting ready to ship theirs.

Top new iPhone 5 cases at CES 2013 (pictures)

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I was also on the lookout for tough cases. While Lifeproof has already shipped its industry-leading waterproof case for the iPhone 5, other companies debuted waterproof cases, some slimmer than others.

Here's a glance at over 15 new cases. I'll be updating the list with more cases as I run into them, as well as additional info about pricing and availability.