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Three halts roaming charges in Germany, Greece, Portugal and Croatia

Roam across Europe without roaming charges thanks to Three, which has added 24 countries across the continent to its Feel at Home service.

Katie Collins/CNET

Roaming charges have been the bane of holidays abroad and business trips since the dawn of the mobile internet. But one phone network is tackling the problem country by country.

Three announced on Thursday that it is extending its Feel at Home service, which allows customers to use their home tariff abroad at no extra cost, to an additional 24 European countries from September. First introduced in 2013, Feel at Home eliminates the fear of returning home to a shocking bill run up by foreign data usage.

The list of newbies includes popular holiday destinations such as Greece, Germany, Portugal and Croatia. The other fresh additions to Feel at Home are Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey).

They will be added to the existing 18 Feel at Home countries worldwide, including in non-European nations such as the US, Australia and New Zealand.