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Repetitive, meaningless work: The world's most honest IT job ad

Looking for an IT developer role that promises only the most abrasive daily grind and not much else? Then this Australian firm might be waiting for your CV.


Is this the worst IT job ad in the world or the best? An Australian recruitment company has put the call out for someone to do "meaningless, repetitive work on the .NET stack".

Posted on the job-hunting website Seek, the ad from recruiters Just Digital People refuses to gild the lily on the lack of glamour that the role holds, instead asking for some who can "grease the wheels of capitalism with your tears, secure in the knowledge that we will pay you handsomely for your soul".

In addition to seeking a candidate who can "top every development horror story at LAN parties", the job description also requires proficiency in languages such as .NET, JavaScript, VBScript, COBOL, Managed COBOL. Oh, and "a numbness to the absence of excellence".

According to the recruiter it's not normally the sort of role they handle, with the fine print on the ad reading: "Normally I only work with organisations that value professional software development and professional software developers but this one just paid too much to say no".

Sound good? Well if you're polishing your resume just take this last bon mot of selection criteria as a caveat: "A bonus is any political experience, whether as a candidate or as an elected official."