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The week ahead: The state of the Internet

Investors will get a peek at the health of the Internet companies still standing this week, including Yahoo and DoubleClick.

Following are some of the notable tech-related events scheduled for the week of July 9 through July 13.

Investors will get a peek at the health of the Internet companies still left standing this week.

Internet portal Yahoo will reveal its second-quarter earnings to Wall Street on Wednesday, and online advertising company DoubleClick will tell all on Tuesday.

Industry watchers will not teeter on the edge of their seats in excitement. Analysts expect Yahoo to post break-even numbers compared with a profit of 12 cents for the same quarter last. DoubleClick is estimated to lose 8 cents vs. a loss 3 cents last year.

The conference circuit picks up after a dead Independence Day week. Technology professionals interested in protecting their networks from computer hackers can attend the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas, then go across town after the event and possibly meet the hackers that worry them at Def Con 9.

Economy watchers will also keep a sharp eye on the Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index numbers from the government on Friday as well as retail sales figures. Such information provides insight as to whether the sluggish U.S. economy is headed for recovery or less growth.

The information was gathered from First Call, Hoover's Online, CCBN's StreetEvents and CNET Investor.

Other events scheduled this week:

Tech Events
Monday, July 9
  • E-Gov 2001 takes place at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., July 9-12. The conference is tailored toward government officials and businesspeople who want to learn how technology is being implemented in government administration. Speakers will include Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Palm CEO Carl Yankowski, and David Walker, comptroller general of the United States.

  • Internet World Chicago takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, July 9-12. The event is for companies who want to expand their ability to do business on the Internet. Speakers will include Greg Braden, chief technology officer of AT&T Broadband.

Tuesday, July 10

  • Check Point Software Technologies will sponsor an event where its CEO Gil Shwed and executives from Compaq Computer, IBM, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Deloitte & Touche will address how heavy Internet usage by global businesses will require a new level of security. The event will be held at the Hudson Hotel in New York.

Wednesday, July 11
  • The Black Hat Briefingswill take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, July 11-12. The conference is for computer professionals who want to understand the security risks to their computer and information networks. The event will focus on security issues facing organizations with large networks and multiple operating systems.

  • Active Communications will hold its Employer E-Health conference at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Denver, July 11-13. The conference will provide human resources professionals with information on how to connect a company's employees to its health care and benefits programs through the Internet.

  • Marcus Evans will host the Electronic Behavioral Analytics conference at the Marriott East Side in New York, July 11-12. The event is for people in the financial industry who wish to learn how to figure out what services online customers want and how to provide it to them. Speakers include Noor Menai, managing director of CRM at Citigroup, and Anthony Perkins, a vice president at State Street.

  • Marcus Evans will conduct its eBranding conference at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, July 11-13. The gathering is for company executives who want to learn how to increase their company's identity awareness through the Internet. Speakers will include Melissa Dyrdahl, senior vice president of corporate marketing at Adobe Systems, and Curt Gillespie, vice president of interactive marketing at IBM.

Thursday, July 12

  • The MP3 Summit will take place at the University of California at San Diego, July 12-13, at the Price Center. The conference will explore changes and developments in the digital music industry. Keynote speakers will include Michael Robertson, CEO of

Friday, July 13

  • Def Con 9 kicks off at the Alexis Park in Las Vegas, July 13-15. The event is a convention for people who are involved with the computer hacking culture and provides the opportunity for computer hackers to meet, network and talk the trade.

Tuesday, July 10
  • DoubleClick provides advertising content to Web sites. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: loss of 8 cents.

Wednesday, July 11
  • Yahoo is an Internet portal and one of the most popular destinations on the Internet. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: zero cents.

  • Redback Networks makes DSL equipment for telephone service carriers. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: loss of 27 cents.

  • Motorola makes chips and consumer products like mobile phones and pagers. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: loss of 12 cents.

  • Sonus Networks makes hardware and software that helps phone service carriers provide voice services on IP. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: zero cents.

Thursday, July 12
  • Advanced Micro Devices makes chips for home computers and other electronic equipment. Per-share company estimate for the second quarter: profit between 3 cents and 5 cents.

  • Rambus designs chipset formats for chip companies. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: profit of 4 cents.

  • lets people apply postage fees to their regular mail using the Internet. Per-share consensus estimate for the second quarter: loss of 13 cents.

Friday, July 13
  • Cyberian Outpost sells consumer computer products through the Internet. Per-share consensus estimate for the fiscal first quarter: loss of 38 cents.

Economic Reports

Monday, July 9

  • The Consumer Credit report by the Federal Reserve shows the monthly debt assumed by consumers for purposes other than home mortgages. No estimates were available for May.

Tuesday, July 10
  • Wholesale Inventories represents the percentage change in the amount of goods in wholesale inventories in the United States. No estimates were available for May.

Thursday, July 12
  • Initial Claims refers to the number of people who filed for unemployment benefits each week as reported by the Department of Labor. Claims will be reported for the week of July 7.

  • The import and export price index from the Department of Labor indicates the percentage change in import and export prices for any given month. No estimates were available for June, but import prices excluding oil fell by 0.2 percent in May, while export prices excluding agriculture dropped 0.3 percent from the previous month.

Friday, July 13
  • The Commerce Department will report Retail Sales for the month of June. No estimates were available, but May sales rose 0.1 percent from the previous month and 0.3 percent excluding automobile sales.

  • The Producer Price Index, or PPI, is a Labor Department index that tracks the cost of what manufacturers pay for raw goods to make products. In May, the PPI rose 0.1 percent from the previous month and climbed 0.1 excluding food and energy prices.

  • The Labor Department's Consumer Price Index tracks the change in prices at the consumer level. The CPI rose 0.4 percent in May and 0.2 percent when food and energy prices were factored out.

  • The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is a measure of consumer confidence as reported monthly by the University of Michigan. A preliminary reading for July will be released; the index squeaked up to 92.6 in June from 92 in May.