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The new HP: Survival in a shrinking market

CEO Carly Fiorina says the new Hewlett-Packard will strive to be No. 1, but the market is getting smaller every day. Granted, the troubled company has nowhere to go but up.

CEO Carly Fiorina says the new Hewlett-Packard will strive to be No. 1, but the industry's getting smaller--and more competitive--every day. Granted, the troubled company, after a bruising merger battle, has nowhere to go but up.
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Fiorina--More consolidation ahead
Carly Fiorina, CEO, Hewlett-Packard

New HP tightens grip on handheld market
With its acquisition of Compaq and the consolidation of the two companies' product lines, the new company has jumped up a few places in the handheld rankings.
May 8, 2002

Wall Street talks up HP
After months of raising questions about the merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer, analysts are getting back on the bandwagon and talking up shares.
May 8, 2002

The new HP: King of change
CEO Carly Fiorina says that the new HP will strive to be the crown company in a variety of markets--but that the environment is getting more difficult.
May 7, 2002

Products: What will survive?
New details are contained in a series of fact sheets about HP's new business groups, with some surprising changes to enterprise and consumer lines.
May 7, 2002

Products: Who wins, who loses

HP outlines which product
lines will survive the merger.

Business: Nowhere to go but up
Unlike past mergers that were filled with anticipation, "skepticism" has been the watchword since the HP-Compaq deal was announced.
May 6, 2002

previous coverage
HP, Compaq consumer PCs to survive
HP will continue to sell both the HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario computer lines to consumers, according to sources.
May 6, 2002

Capellas: New HP ready to prove itself
The company will have about six months to establish itself in the marketplace, Capellas says, but the company will hit the ground running.
May 2, 2002

HP suit dismissed; Hewlett concedes
Walter Hewlett abandons his opposition, paving the way for HP to complete its $19 billion merger with Compaq.
April 30, 2002

HP-Compaq: A fight to the finish
After a rancorous eight-month proxy fight, a three-day trial, and a bitter boardroom squabble, HP completes the largest tech merger in history.
May 1, 2002