The man with the election's winning numbers

<b>week in review</b> Statistician correctly predicts winner in all 50 states, while Apple patent lawsuit against Motorola gets tossed. Also: is an Xbox Surface gaming tablet in the works?

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President Obama's record-breaking tweet. Screenshot/Steven Musil

Besides President Obama, the big winner on Election Day was big data.

Big data's patron saint -- FiveThirtyEight blogger Nate Silver -- won the battle to predict the outcome of the contest between Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Where breathless pundits brandishing equivocating polls shouted from the rooftops over the last few weeks that the race for the White House was a "toss-up," or "too close to call," Silver and other poll aggregators sat back and calmly told anyone who would listen that the math told another story: Obama's re-election was never in danger.

Indeed, Silver successfully predicted the winner of the presidential election in all 50 states. That performance was one for the ages, earning him worldwide admiration and validating a polling aggregation model that had drawn mockery and ire from many pundits. In addition to picking the winner in all 50 states -- besting his 49 out of 50 slate in 2008 -- Silver was also the closest among the aggregators to picking the two candidates' popular vote percentages.
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More headlines

Federal judge tosses Apple patent lawsuit against Motorola

Forget about that trial in Apple's patent case against Google's Motorola. The judge just threw the case out in a big setback for Apple.
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Xbox Surface gaming tablet reportedly in the works

The tablet would have a smaller, 7-inch display and would focus largely on gaming, according to The Verge. It might even run its own version of Windows.
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Apple: 3M iPads sold over the weekend

While lines were shorter than at past Apple events, the company says it doubled the milestone set by the third-generation iPad in March.
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Twitter: Oops, we reset passwords we didn't need to

Many users received an unusual-sounding e-mail from Twitter explaining that it had reset their passwords after a suspected security breach. Now the company says it went too far -- but doesn't explain the situation.

Foxconn looks to U.S. to open manufacturing plants, report says

The company's plants would be designed to handle LCD TV production, according to the report.
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AT&T will spend $14B to pump up wireless, wireline networks

The big carrier, facing critical challenges to its growth, now envisions bringing its 4G LTE coverage to 300 million people by the end of 2014. The investment will come over three years.
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Google promises less power-hungry Chrome -- for some

The browser also makes it easier to control Web site permissions, security fixes, and the option to send a "do not track" request
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Carl Icahn considered hostile takeover for control of Netflix

The billionaire and former corporate raider, who recently acquired a 10 percent stake in the company, tells CNBC that he finds Netflix's "poison pill" defense plan "really reprehensible."
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Time to jump back on Apple bandwagon, analyst says

The recent pullback on the stock may present a good buying opportunity, one analyst says, because many of the concerns surrounding Apple have now been priced in.
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