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The Jetson One Could Be Flying on the Forest Moon of Endor

You can preorder this personal flying vehicle for less than $100,000.

Startup Jetson says it's not trying to revolutionize transportation or solve the climate crisis. It just wants you to have fun with its electric personal flying vehicle, which looks like something a Star Wars stormtrooper might use.

Founders Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan first started posting videos of their Jetson One to YouTube in 2019, two years after development started. But it wasn't until they posted their official launch video late last year that people started to notice. In an interview with CNET, Ternström said that since launch, the company has taken 163 preorders for the $92,000 vehicle.


A Jetson One navigating through a forest.


According to Stockholm-based Jetson, the vehicle gets 20 minutes of flight time, powered by eight electric motors. Ternström said no flight experience is required. 

"We are confident that we can put anyone in the Jetson and we can teach them to fly in five minutes," he said. "And they will have fun." 

Under Federal Aviation Administration rules no pilot's license is required to fly the Jetson because it weighs less than 250 pounds and has a top speed of less than 55 nautical miles per hour. For more on the Jetson One and how it works, watch the above video.

Jetson expects to deliver the Jetson One in 2023.