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The Java legal lock

Sun's protracted legal struggle with Microsoft is heating up again, both in the courtroom and in the corporate offices of both companies.

Sun's protracted legal struggle with Microsoft is heating up again in the courtroom and in corporate offices. Newly released legal documents summarize Microsoft's position, including its "great surprise" upon learning that it was sued by Sun, which continues to complain about the software giant's business practices.

Microsoft's Java war detailed
The software giant's campaign against Sun Microsystems began in May 1996 with the announcement of JavaBeans, a Microsoft executive said in a court deposition.

Sun exec battles "phantom NT"
Q&A The president of Sun's Solaris software efforts makes it clear that if there's going to be an alternative to NT, it will come from Sun.

Fee voids Sun's Java suit, MS says
update Court papers unsealed today argue Sun's May 1998 acceptance of $3.75 million voids its claims, while the judge appoints a special master.

Gates deposition called evasive
Sources say Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is being cagey in his deposition to attorneys from the Justice Department and the New York attorney general's office.