The Internet, consolidated

Mergers and acquisitions continue to sweep through the Internet industry, with several big deals either confirmed or rumored.

CNET News staff
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Consolidation continues to sweep through the Internet industry, as CMGI enters talks to buy AltaVista from Compaq, Gateway is rumored to be buying Earthlink, MindSpring is in talks for possible business deals, and reports have Amazon making a bid for software seller Beyond.com.

"There are many examples that when one company is bought out, it spurs consolidation of others."

- Glen Powers, stock analyst


CMGI, Compaq confirm AltaVista talks
update Compaq Computer and CMGI confirm that they are in talks for CMGI to acquire Compaq's AltaVista Web portal.

MindSpring in talks for possible business deals
One of the largest U.S. Internet service providers says it is in discussions about possible "business combinations."

Beyond.com shares rise on talk of Amazon purchase
The computer software seller's consumer business could be a potential match for the leading online retailer.

EarthLink up for second day on Gateway rumor
The ISP's shares surge 10 percent in early trading, bringing their two-day gains to more than 30 percent, on persistent speculation that the company could be acquired by computer maker Gateway.