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The arrival of Apple's Intel era

The iconoclastic Mac maker's tectonic shift to Intel processors is in full swing as IBM plans its support.

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Apple Computer's early returns are arriving as the Mac maker embarks on its tectonic shift to the processor technology it had long shunned.

IBM Lotus bulks up Mac support

The Mac version of Notes will add support for SameTime instant messaging and Web client running Firefox. IBM also plans to support Intel-based Macs.
January 23, 2006

Red Hat hopes for Linux on Intel Macs

blog Booting other operating systems on Apple Computer's new Intel-based Mac is tough, but Red Hat execs hopes they'll make it happen with Linux.
January 23, 2006

FAQ: Will your Intel-based Mac run Windows?

That simple question deserves a simple answer. But there isn't one yet. Running the two most popular desktop operating systems on one machine is harder than you might expect.
January 20, 2006

Ten thoughts on the new Intel iMac

CNET News.com Executive Editor Scott Ard lugs home a 20-inch model with the Intel Core Duo and offers some thoughts for anyone considering whether to pick one up.
January 20, 2006

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Dual-core Apple
CNET Senior Editor Justin Jaffe shows off the first Intel-based iMac.

CNET review: Apple iMac Core Duo

Following a significant change for this iconoclastic company, the iMac Core Duo is experiencing the growing pains inherent to new technologies.
January 19, 2006

Apple sees 'pause' in Mac sales

Apple executives confirm that some buyers put off Mac purchases last quarter in anticipation of new Intel-based models.
January 18, 2006

Strong earnings, cautious outlook for Apple

After selling a bundle of iPods over the holidays, Apple reported better-than-expected earnings, but offered a below-expecations forecasts.
January 18, 2006

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Macworld 2006: All iPod all the time

special coverage Fans eat up Intel-based Macs, a new high-end laptop and a revamped iMac, but little generates more excitement than the iPod.
January 14, 2006

Jobs: New Intel Macs are 'screamers'

Addressing a packed crowd of the Mac faithful, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs serves up a new high-end laptop and a revamped iMac.
January 10, 2006