The 404 Podcast 494: Where you have to invert the image to see us nude

The 404 broadcasts LIVE for their final episode at CES 2010

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
Justin Yu covered headphones and peripherals for CNET.
Justin Yu
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We've rounded up the funniest stories from this year's show for this wrap-up episode, starting with Jeff eating his hateful words about 3D PS3 and Xbox 360 Game Room. Turns out the gameplay in 3D actually impressed our former cynic, but we can all agree that those ridiculous 3D glasses are truly the only detractor from 3D games, and especially movies. After this story, we promise never to speak of 3D again...until 4D comes out.

Next, we have a lineup of stories that allow us to do what we do best: make fun of the more outrageous aspects of the show. For example, did anyone walk by the Samsung booth? Someone needs to notify these folks that we are, in fact, struggling to pull ourselves out of a recession--jeez is that booth consuming ridiculous amounts of energy. Other hilarious stories from CES 2010 include IoSafe's virtually indestructible hard-drive demolition, and a Taser demo that you have to see to believe.

We've also got a story about a controversial iPhone app that claims to see through clothing and we see if anyone can guess the most pirated e-book of 2009. Finally, be sure to check out our Best of CES 2010 nominees that represent the top products in nine categories as recommended by our techspert CNET editors.

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